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SQWare, LLC.
My current company, specializing in web development and consulting.

MagicBox, Inc.
A company I helped found, still going strong. I worked there from 1992-2002 prior to moving to Portland, OR. I continue to consult occasionally and maintain the company web site.


Rose City Park Neighborhood Association
The web site I developed and maintain for my neighborhood.

Minor Obsessions

Here's some things that keep me busy when I'm not busy being busy.

Burning Man
The annual Burning Man event in the Nevada desert draws a diverse array of creative types.

Public Transportation

I'm something of a transportation buff, with an emphasis on transit.

Hawthorne Streetcar
A web site I've put up to facilitate discussion about providing streetcar service for Hawthorne Blvd. in Portland.

Portland Transport
A blog with lively discussions about transit and other forms of transportation in the Portland region.

Transit Agency for the Portland, Oregon Metro Area.

Portland Streetcar, Inc.
Info on the Portland Central City Streetcar.